mit Hip-Booster

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.25mm or .4mm400.00€370.00€340.00€

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A panty girdle with 2 air chambers that makes your hips rounder and more feminine.

The two separate air chambers will not make your butt look flat and in combination with the catsuits by the bottom fold will continue to accentuate. The air chambers are connected by a hose, so each chamber is always filled the same. The air is filled through a central hose.

The trousers are supplied with a hand pump and 5 plugs as accessories.

We recommend to order the with the original dimensions.

The trousers are available with different crotch options:

  • crotch complete closed - only a small opening for the hose to pass through
  • small reinforced opening - 8cm x 2cm
  • big reinforced opening - 20cm x 2cm

These pants are the ideal supplement to the Big-Boobs-Catsuit.