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  • New Bank Account

    Banks, you need them, but sometimes it is necessary to switch to another bank.

  • Email-Adress usage for shipping

    Your Email-Adress

    For shipping, we need your consent to pass your email address to the parcel service. If we do not have this, you will not be able to track your package.

  • Lead time for new orders and prices

    For months now, Fantastic Rubber has had a consistently high level of incoming orders. Although this is pleasing at first glance, it unfortunately also means that the time to completion is growing more and more.

  • Shipping

    The choice of agony, shipping.

    Do you want your order to arrive quickly and inexpensively, and in any case undamaged and trouble-free?

  • Bank-Account

    Netbank was a reliable partner for a long time. Nothing changed when it was taken over by Augsburger Aktienbank.

    But now AAB is discontinuing its current account business. The bank details, which are certainly still stored with many of my customers, will become invalid at the weekend.

  • I wish you a Merry Christmas

    Fantastic Rubber wishes all customers, friends, employees and helpers peace and contemplation with their loved ones.
    I hope we can embrace each other again next year and the haunting will come to an end. Hope dies in the end...

  • Staff and Order-Queue

    Fantastic Rubber is looking for reinforcement for the workshop, but unfortunately we have not been successful in recent months.


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