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  • international payments

    A note to our customers outside the EURO room

    Everyone is certainly aware that international payments by bank transfer are very cumbersome and that the banks charge high fees for them. Within the EURO area, however, it is very easy to

  • Queue Information

    Some of our customers are watching the queue very closely. The anticipation is great and one would like to know when the time has finally come and when one's own order will be produced.

  • Ostern 2017

    Fantastic Rubber is closed at Saturday, April 15th 2017.

    I am at that weekend in Essen at the Fetish Evolution, but complete privat. I want to offer my staff wholeheartedly the long Easter weekend.

  • Order Queue

    Many of our customers keep a regular watch on the order queue. Anticipation is great and they would like to know when it is finally time for the production of their own order..

  • Originalbild

    Betriebsferien 2016

    Fantastic Rubber needed holidays 2016 again.

    I want to draw your attention at this point on our annual holidays.

  • Good Bye 2015 - Welcome 2016

    My dear visitors and fans of Fantastic Rubber,

    a busy and successful year is coming to an end and I would like to draw your attention at this point to a change for 2016th

  • new order processing

    Fantastic Rubber want to inform you, how we process orders.

    After defining all order details the order is entered and the customer received an order confirmation by email. This remains aunverändert way.


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