New Bank Account

Banks, you need them, but sometimes it is necessary to switch to another bank.

For many years, since 2009, the account was managed by Netbank, an internet bank founded by some Sparkassen. In 2017, Netbank merged with Augsburger Aktienbank and it was thus essential to switch there with the business account.

Now in 2022, both Netbank and AAB have ceased their business. Therefore, in February 2022, I decided to open an account with Penta.

However, Penta is also ceasing its operations in August 2023, so another change of bank is necessary.

Fantastic Rubber's current account is now held at PSD Bank.

That every change to another bank is connected with a high effort I don't need to emphasize. I publish this here to inform my customers and to counteract distrust of a bank account changed on the invoice, too often the consumer is deceived and cheated on the Internet.

Thank you for your attention.

Fantastic Rubber

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