Lead time for new orders and prices

For months now, Fantastic Rubber has had a consistently high level of incoming orders. Although this is pleasing at first glance, it unfortunately also means that the time to completion is growing more and more.

It also seems that the labour market has been swept clean, and the search for personnel reinforcement is becoming increasingly difficult.

The delivery time for new orders is again at an all-time high, we now need up to 7 months for incoming orders. The increase by another month is due to the upcoming holiday season, over a period of 6 to 8 weeks only half the staff is available.

The cost development is also hardly foreseeable at the moment. Not only are the purchase prices for materials and energy rising, but rents, wages and external services such as tax consultants are also becoming more expensive. And in order not only to retain staff, but to increase the chance of attracting new employees, it is an employer's duty to address the concerns of these employees as well and, if possible, to provide compensation for the already almost galloping inflation.

For all these reasons, a change in prices is also inevitable at Fantastic rubber. Please also bear in mind that the new prices do NOT apply to existing orders, but ONLY to new orders, and their production will currently take place shortly before Christmas 2022.

Peter Pick
Fantastic Rubber

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