The choice of agony, shipping.

Do you want your order to arrive quickly and inexpensively, and in any case undamaged and trouble-free?

As default, we ship within Germany with DHL, internationally with UPS. Each parcel service has its advantages, but unfortunately also disadvantages.
UPS has better tracking and is fast and usually very reliable. But unfortunately also very expensive.
DHL is cheaper, but often takes a long time, does not deliver in all countries itself and the tracking often stands still for a long time. DHL = Dauert Halt Länger (Stop for a longer time) ;-)

At the moment, due to strongly rising fuel prices and also the weakness of the Euro, the costs at UPS can no longer be calculated in advance, at least I can no longer exactly quantify the shipping costs for international parcels, also because of the currently very long delivery times.

I will inform about this in individual cases and leave the choice of agony to the customer. Unfortunately, the net return on our products is not so great that I can easily absorb additional shipping costs of 30€ or more.

Peter Pick
Fantastic Rubber

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