Returns for repair

We are happy to repair your products purchased from us in the future. The things should be well de-oiled and powdered. Remnants of moisture can lead to mould and we have to wash the items again.

Please note, however, that you organize the shipment in such a way that there are no additional costs for us.

The following conditions should be met:

  • the sender must be the buyer, not a parcel shop, forwarding agent, etc.. If you are not the buyer, please don't send it
  • The first shipment is not allowed to be older than 2 years.
  • The contents of the parcel must be declared correctly, it is also possible to tag only clothing, but not a diving suit, surf suit, etc.
  • the value should be adjusted to the current value, not the purchase price.
  • no shipping with UPS, FedEx etc.. Best with the normal local postal service, e.g. USPS. Be careful with DHL, in Germany DHL is not the same as DHL-Express. So please do not send with DHL-Express (priority)
  • please mark the package clearly visible on the carton as return goods

A wrong description of the contents can lead to high customs duties. These are to be paid by the sender, this also concerns costs, which are charged to us by the parcel service!>/p>

Please also think about whether the suit is worth the cost of 2x shipping plus customs and parcel charges to you.

The cost can quickly range from 100,-€ to 150,-€.


Peter Pick

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