Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I can only help with the selection of colors to a very limited extent. In general, though, I don't like a mix of metallic and standard colors. But this is only my personal opinion

Occasionally, we had a migration of colors in the past, so a combination of red and yellow latex resulted in a shadow of orange at the seam.

Again, please note that unfortunately each batch can have a different shade. We have to process the latex as we receive it and unfortunately have no influence on it.

Also some colors change on the part of the supplier with the time. So the M80 anthracite (pewter) has become steadily darker and is currently what the M100 black-metallic once should be, the M100 currently has the name petrol-metallic and is becoming more similar to the M41 peacock-metallic.

Again the note, we can't change it and have no influence on it. But we try to use the latex from the same roll for several orders of one customer to avoid color deviations. But unfortunately this is not always possible for repairs...