male or female ???

male or female ???
A question that is asked very often is, is the design also available for a man?

To this end, I would first like to talk about the patterns.

Fantastic Rubber produces all products exclusively made to measure. Therefore, individual differences in physique are irrelevant.

The difference between a female pattern and a male pattern is only the breast cups. All other details can be freely selected.

Even the standard options of a full suit are only gender-dependent to a limited extent.

Standard details for all suits are:

  • 4cm collar
  • crotch zipper
  • stirrups

There is no standard latex thickness, even though many customers refer to 0.4mm as such, likewise S10 black is not the standard color.

But if the customer does not specify a thickness, nor a color, then for men 0.4mm and S10 black is very likely, for women it would be 0.25mm and also S10 black.

Standard for a male catsuit:

  • 0.4mm
  • S10 black
  • 1-way crotch zipper with elaboration

Standard for a feminine full suit:

  • 0.25mm
  • S10 black
  • 2-way crotch zipper without elaboration

More options in the article description

So a big-boobs catsuit is also feminine for a man, but I still recommend at least the slight elaboration in the crotch, because the suit fits better in the loin than if the genitals push away the latex in the area.

However, for some female customers we have a problem if they have very small breasts, it is not possible to make a pattern with breast cups and in this case I recommend a full suit without breast cups, with a masculine pattern. Please do not confuse with full suits other manufacturers that are not made to measure. In this case we also make a made-to-measure suit.

Often male customers ask for a women's suit, because they have the experience that a women's suit from other manufacturers, but just not made to measure, fits better. So if they do not explicitly want a full suit with breast cups, the question makes no sense.