Fantastic Rubber has been learning steadily over the years. Please forgive us recommendations of the last years, if our opinion has changed.

We recommend storing latex for a longer period of time unoiled, i.e. not even with the so-called spoonful of oil in the last rinse water.

After washing

To avoid sticking of the unoiled latex, please use baby powder, available in every drugstore.

Avoid unnecessary contact of your latex clothing with water. Soaking after the party in the bathtub of the hotel room is very harmful to your clothing. I soak a wool sweater to avoid mechanical stress on the fibers, this makes no sense with latex. This is because water penetrates the latex and causes discoloration. If it is even soapy water, the soap will also penetrate the material.

Dry your latex manually with a soft towel and powder it directly after drying, even if the suit is still wet from other sides. A few drops of water on the powder are not harmful.

Please keep in mind that there is still residual moisture in the latex, also the crotch zipper is not completely dry yet. If you store the suit in a PE bag, do not close it. It is better to hang up your suit after drying and powdering for one day, protected from light. It has proven useful to do this at the footbridges.

Use only plastic bags made of polyethylene, which is suitable for food. PE does not contain plasticizers. So never use PVC (carrier bag).

When storing, avoid sunlight (UV damage) and areas with a lot of ozone.