Order Process

Order Process

Information without it is not possible...

  • The personal data of the purchaser are required. We are entering into a contract here, which ultimately leads to a purchase, even if it is not fixed as such in writing. So it is important that we both know with whom we are concluding an agreement.
    These data are:
    Name and address
    Telephone number (important for shipping)
    Name of the person, if different for the administration of measurement chart and pattern
    Details of the ordered item
    Latex thickness
    other details
    The main reason why there is no online store is that often essential details still need to be clarified. And this is best done in dialog.

When everything is settled...

You will receive an order confirmation, please read to the end.

The price of the order is for Fantastic Rubber XXX€ products plus other items for XXX€ plus shipping XX€.
Please check your order and inform us of any discrepancies.
If there is anything wrong with the order composition, please let me know. Until processing begins, all details can still be changed; I ask you to make changes exclusively by mail.
We will notify you by e-mail if there are any changes in the progress of your order, e.g. when the pattern is made or the cutting is done.
You will receive the invoice for your order when your order is ready for production. Production will start after payment is received. Delivery will be made after completion of all your orders to the billing address unless a different shipping address has been specified.
To check the status of your order you can enter the tracking code as usual or alternatively use your email address and customer number.