Custom designs on customer request

We would be pleased to make you a design according to your own wishes. Often, however you have to keep in mind that new designs can not be implemented 1:1 by the draft and it that smaller or even larger adjustments have to be made. This is based on the assumption that seam lengths must match or that the body shape of the customer is not in any case matching with the proportions of the customer catsuit design. We always try to make the custom catsuit as perfect in fit and design as possible.

The development effort required for a custom catsuit is often underestimated. It can lead to significantly longer production times for Fantastic Rubber. We have two options. We can pass the extra development and production time to the customer, which raises the catsuit costs to a 4 digit price rather quickly, or the customer hands over the design and we can include it in our portfolio. In that case, the customer pays only the production price, the price that Fantastic Rubber would charge once the piece is in our catalog.
For the second case, we will need a consensus statement from the customer, that legally clarifies that the custom design can be used as regular shop product by Fantastic Rubber. This process can also be done by email.