Fantastic Rubber repairs for PREMIUM and VIP customers its own products without any charge regardless of the date of purchase. This is our promise to give the best quality.

Read more about Premium und VIP here: Premium VIP

Why does Fantastic Rubber this? 

We want your enjoyment of our products to last as long as possible, and it is our aim never to leave a customer alone with a problem.

There is another reason behind this: We want to learn from the damage of our products so that we may improve them wherever necessary. This is only possible when we locate weak points and are able to reconstruct why the material tore. Even accidental damage by the customer will be repaired for free.

Under which conditions do you repair for free?

You have Premium or VIP

General state

The product should be in a repairable and worthy state. It would make no sense to repair something which is destined to break the next time you wear it. This could be the case if the material is already very affected or the broken parts are non-repairable parts like corset clasps.

Free repairs will not be carried out for products that have not been used for their intended purpose or have been overly carelessly treated.

There will also be no free repair for damages which are deliberately or carelessly caused. The same goes for malicious damage.

Not free of charge...

are works where a part of the item is replaced. This can be a sleeve or leg, for example, but also the replacement of the crotch zip. If this comes loose from the suit, a completely new zip is necessary in any case, because we never get the zip oil-free.

A loosening zip can be the result of incorrect storage if silicone oil penetrates the latex. When cleaning, pay special attention to the backings in this area because there is always oil there.

The replacement of the collar is still free of charge if necessary.

Repair preperations

We expect the product you want us to repair to be clean, deoiled and powdered. In our shop we don´t have the facilities to clean and deoil the clothing. It goes without saying that we also expect the latex in a perfectly hygienic condition.

How to deoil ?

So we do it at Fantastic Rubber:

  • make the latex on both sides under running water wet
  • use a larger amount cheap hair shampoo
  • wash the latex until foam forms
  • turn the suit inside out
  • repeat the wash as before
  • if both sides foam well, remove the soap under running water
  • place a large bath towel on a table and dry the suit on it with a second towel
  • the surface powder - water from other sources is not so bad
  • dry the other sides repeat as before
  • check the deoiling as shown on the video:

We bill the costs for cleaning, deoiling and powdering.with 35€ for each catsuit.

Alternatively the suit can also be sent oily (but clean) for repair.


Please describe as accurately as possible the damage. In the past we have had to search for the damage because often it is only a very tiny hole. It has happened that we have had to return clothing because we couldn't find the damage even after a very careful search. It would be very unsatisfying to get a product back which still has a hole.

Please add an accurate description of the damage into the package with the product.

Name and address

Please don't forget to label your package correctly. Sometimes we get packages and we puzzle about it´s owner. Please remember to write a return address on your package. In the past some packages have ended up in a Postoffice with no return information and have never made it back to their owner.   

We kindly ask you to put the same information into the package as well.

We reserve the right to deny repairs which are not sticking to the previous rules. We want to help but we don´t want to be taken advantage of.

How often did you deny the free repair so far?

If you are concerned that your repair won't be carried out for free, you should know that so far only a very small number of people (under 10) have been denied repair or billed. We have offered this particular service since 2006.

Even a customer who caught themselves on a door handle got their repair for free. In this case not only the tear was fixed, the suit got a whole new sleeve. 

Try this at the car dealer you trust.


We ask for a adequate postage so we are not paying any surcharge. The shipping back to you is free as long as you are living in Germany. International shipping we only bill the actual postage.
Please declare your parcel as a return for repair and put the invoice from Fantastic Rubber on the outside of the parcel.

Please ship the parcel to:

Peter Pick

Heinestraße 53a
16341 Panketal

Any import duties will need to be paid by the sender. We will not be responsible for courier or customs fees.

Duration of the repairs

Most of the repairs will be done within 14 days, often we will send the clothing back to you after a few days Of course you may track your repair in our tracking system as well.