Preparing for repair - deoiled properly

Unfortunately it happens again and again that we get oily or at least not properly de-oiled clothing for repair. The annoying for us because absolutely no oil should go into the workshop.

We have a range specially created for this purpose, where packets are unpacked and checked for oil residues. Silicone oil is unfortunately not easy to remove and it also difficult to determine whether oil is still at the Latex.

For this reason we have created a little video with a client catsuit.

The suit was previously washed by the customer, but unfortunately not completely freed from oil.

We have a sleeve de-oiled properly and freed one leg only from the powder. According to the customer the suit has been very good de-oiled and then powdered.

The test for residual oil should end up like shown in the video: the latex is sticking together.

Please read the instructions for repairing and deoiling:

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