Excellent customer support has always been an important factor ever since the foundation of Fantastic Rubber. Over the years we not only showed many innovations in our products, but also in customer satisfaction and services. That's why Fantastic Rubber has a very good reputation among its customers and partners.
The service section is here to help you find information and hopefully all the answers you need. If you still have questions, feel free to call, write, or send us an email. Telephone numbers and email addresses are available on the contact page.

Order information

Here you will find all the relevant information to create an order at Fantastic Rubber. This includes information about the order and production process in general, as well as information regarding personal details we need, and your measurements.


Almost every one of us has experienced small problems with the natural material latex and small outfit damages. Here at Fantastic Rubber we care for our customers and products, and offer a wide range of services for latex repairs. Here you will learn more about the repair process in general, and also what is important to note so that you can use our repair services.


Here you'll find our measurement forms for catsuits and hoods as downloads. Together with the step by step videos we offer everything you need to successfully take your own measurements.

How to find us

If you are in Berlin, why don't you visit us and say "hello"? At the Fantastic Rubber store and workshop we can take your measurements, you can check our latest catsuit, corset and accessories designs, and have a look at the production process of our products.