How to measure correctly

We created a series of videos that will help you take the required measurements on your own. We begin with a clip that shows the entire process from start to finish. For the different measurments we have created clips grouped by body region. Please keep in mind that the order of the measurements in the clips is not identical to the ones on the form.

Here is an english translation for the "Full Video" with time codes.

You can download it as a PDF here

• 0:00 - 0:52

At the beginning the neck circumference, please do not measure too tight and measure at the lower neck base, I have now here 31cm, do not pull too much, I get it also pulled to 29 or 30. #1
The shoulder width is all about finding the right points and it is better to feel with your index finger where the transition is between shoulder and neck. Mark the point with your index finger, put the tape measure under your finger and measure to the end of the shoulder blade, 14.5cm in this case. #2
At the back width the ends of the shoulder blade find here again and measure now here over the back width and are now here at 41cm. #3

• 0:53 - 1:10

Measure from the highest point of the shoulder to the back waist. To do this we put the palm of our hand on the shoulder with the middle finger towards the neck, put the tape measure under the finger and now I feel the waist with the index finger and there we are at the jule at 43cm. #10

• 1:12 - 2:00

We now measure from the neck to the waist, I always mark the place with the index finger first, a finger width above the breastbone, then the tape measure is put underneath and then we measure down to the waist in this case 31 cm. #9
At the shoulder seam up to the nipple, we again place the palm of our hand on the armpit, the middle finger towards the neck, the tape measure under the finger and then up to where the nipple is, i.e. 24cm. #8
For women with large breasts it is useful to support the breast a little to bring it into the position where it should be later and then we would have 24 centimetres here now.

• 2:01 - 2:10

The last thing in this group is the distance between the nipples and that would be 14.5cm here with Juliane. #7

• 2:12 - 2:52

Now we have to take the measurements from the armpit. Juliane raises her arm. I put the ring finger under her armpit with exactly this edge along the muscle, the tape measure is put there under the ring finger and not pushed too deep into the armpit. Then let the arm hang loosely and now I want to measure the distance from this armpit to the waist at 22cm #11, to the hip at 30cm #13, then immediately further to the elbow at 24cm #23 and to the wrist at 46cm #22.

• 2:55 - 3:55

At 46cm for the wrist it is important that the tape measure ends where she has these folds here, so don't measure the arms too short and of course don't measure beyond that.
Now I come to the circumferences, we start at the chest circumference directly under the armpit Jule raises her arms up, but when reading the tape measure she has her arms hanging down relaxed, and we are here at 74cm. #4
The chest circumference directly over the nipples, there may not be pulled so hard with women, there I would have now here 77cm it would be easy to bring it to 75, but then the suit is too tight there, so loose without that slips, so 77 to 78 cm here with Juliana would be the right measure #5

• 3:55 - 4:09

The underbust circumference can be measured again a little bit tight and here we have 67cm #6.
At the waist we have 60cm #12 and hip here over the hip bones, is then at 75cm. #14

• 4:11 - 4:43

Last time the circumference around the butt and there we have 88cm #15.
We now come to the most important measure for a full suit, the length of the upper body. For this we look for the point where the upper edge of a T-shirt collar would be, in some people a vertebra is a bit more visible there.

• 4:44 - 4:59

There we put on the tape measure, pull it through the crotch and build up a tension on the front with thumb and forefinger, so that it is really tight and are now here at 140cm #16.

• 5:02 - 5:42

I put the tape measure here on the tip of my index finger and put the tape measure in the crotch so that my thumb just touches the pubic area, building up a slight tension to the point where we measured the previous measure before. I am here at 66cm #16b.

• 6:26 – 6.45

We now come to the arm measurements, we start with the armpit, raise the arm, place the tape measure under the armpit only, then let the arm hang loosely, also make sure that the shoulder is not raised anymore, and measure the circumference here at 33cm #17.

• 6:45 - 7:12

If we don't lift the arm to put the tape measure on, there is a risk that I will pull up skin with it and get a much bigger measurement, in this case 37cm. But if I then lift the arm, I notice that the tape measure does not fit properly in the armpit here, and although we measured much more, Juliane, the feeling is that it is much too tight. #17

• 7:15 - 7:44

Now we come to the upper arm circumference, please do not measure it too tightly, because the person on the inside of the upper arm is very sensitive, and we have 22cm #18 here.
The elbow should also not be too tight at 21,5cm #19.
Lower the forearm about 6cm lower at 20.5cm #20.
And the wrist at 15cm #21.

• 7:46 - 8:44

For the outer arm length we look again for the point we have already found for the shoulder width, mark it with the finger, put the tape measure under it and then measure linearly through to the wrist at 57cm #24.
So, we come to the leg measurements. We take the circumference in the crotch, also take care that the butt is not in the tape measure.
We have 50cm #25 here.
Then we look for the middle of the thigh, between the overknee and the previous measurement, so here at this point approximately and have 42cm #26.
Overknee 34cm #27.
Knee, just above the kneecap 33,5cm #28, lower knee 29cm #29.

• 8:46 - 9:19

The calf at 33cm #30 and below the circumference around the ankle at 23cm #31.
So we come to the vertical measurements of the leg. For this purpose it makes sense that Juliane now stands barefoot. We look for the waist, put the tape measure underneath and measure through to the floor at 107cm #34

• 9:20 - 10:12

We look for the hip bone, mark it with the index finger, put a measuring tape underneath and go down to the floor at 100cm #33.
Next is knee to floor, mark the middle of the kneecap, put the tape measure underneath and measure to the floor at 45cm #35.
The distance from the back of the knee to the thickest part of the calf, fold the leg briefly, then straighten the leg again, and to the calf we have 13cm #37.
So we get to the inner length of the leg from the crotch to the floor.

• 10:13 - 10:28

I put on the ring finger at the crotch, put the tape measure down.
I measure through to the knee, again to the middle of the kneecap 31cm #36 and further to the floor and here I am at 78cm #32.
I think, this can be helpful ...

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Neck and breast

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Leg circumferences

Measurements to the floor - outside of the leg

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