Conditions for achieving VIP-status:

A VIP-customer are all customers, that have bought latex clothing from Fantastic Rubber worth 1250€ or more within the last 12 months. The VIP-Status is free of charge or any other obligations.

The VIP-status can not be transfered to another person and is only valid for the person the latex clothing was created for, including her or his partner.

Purchases of lube, silicon oil, repairs, shipping costs or goods that are not manufactured by Fantastic Rubber, for example non latex shoes, do not add to the total sum needed to become a VIP customer.

The VIP status will be granted after a successful payment for a given Fantastic Rubber order. Should your first purchase include several products, then you will reach the VIP-status with all the products that have a sum greater than 1250€. For every other product that is left in the order, you will now pay the lower VIP price.

Example for a first order:

Article 1: catsuit 570€
Article 2: catsuit 570€
Article 3: underbust corset 580€
Article 4: leggins 360€

Calculations of the order:

Article 1: regular price 570€, results in reaching Premium-status
Article 2: paying the premium price 530€ (instead of 570€) + article 4 320€ (instead of 360€) = 1420€ and reaching the VIP-status
Article 3: now paying the VIP price 500€ (instead of 580€)
Total sum of first order: 1920€ (instead of 2080€), savings 160€

Benefits for VIP customers:

  • VIP customers get free repairs for all products created by Fantastic Rubber.
  • VIP customers get the special VIP prices for all Fantastic Rubber products that have a VIP price listed.